Care of the products

For greater durability of the products, they need some basic care.

Steel parts

They can be used on the beach, in the pool but in case of dirt they can be cleaned in warm water or with a neutral detergent.

It is a resistant material but still requires care regarding scratches or other surface damage.

Gold plated parts

The longevity of the gold plating is proportional to the care with which it treats its pieces.

Bikinis and Swimwear

Some sunscreens, tanning products or high levels of chlorine can damage the garment.

Totally avoid contact with cosmetics and abrasive products

Do not wash in the washing machine or dryer.

After each use, whether on the beach or in the pool, wash in cold water, without any detergent.

If you opt for a deeper wash, choose detergent for delicate laundry and always on hand.

Do not iron.

Do not twist the parts to remove excess water.