About Aracari

Long Before it was yours, Aracari was just mine for a long time.

The idea of ​​making a Swimwear brand came about through a passion for sewing, modeling and being an eternal bikini lover. For those who don’t know me, I’m Susana, and it was in my imagination that this project was born. I graduated in modeling, I collected more than a thousand Bikinis and I had this dream in me. In all the destinations that I had the Opportunity to Travel I found another piece of the puzzle. Everywhere I saw inspirations. Patterns formed in my Head as I absorbed everything around me.

ARACARI is inspired by a trip to the Amazon, where I discovered a toucan with vibrant colors, with curly “hair”. The most social and fashionable of them all – the Aracari Curl Crested. I had just met the toucan who would give name, life and personality to the Aracari swimwear brand.

A sustainable brand, guided by vibrant tropical colors, by the design of exclusive pieces and patterns combined with the SLOW FASHION movement, carefully handcrafted by artisans in Portugal, for all those who like me love bikinis but are socio-environmentally aware!

We value workers, prioritize the environment and are aware of the problems of mass production of “fast fashion”, so we bet on small businesses to collaborate with us, contributing to a better world!

By opting for the quality of our materials, our pieces have great durability and were designed to be used in various situations of Beach Lifestyle, with stainless steel materials and crochet perfectly adapted to go to the water, lycra and superior quality fabrics that dry quickly.

I hope you enjoy our pieces as much as we enjoyed creating them!

A Kini Lover,

Susana Soares